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About Us

Welcome To WEB Plus WEB

Our goal at WEB plus WEB is to provide our clients with high quality website design, development and maintenance services. We have expertise across a range of different website models and functions, from simple small business pages to sophisticated large scale websites. We are proud to serve clients across the whole the world.
Our team comprises highly qualified IT professionals, both Australians and international IT experts who were forced to become refugees due to persecution in their own countries. We sought protection in Australia but were sent to Nauru under Australia’s offshore processing policy. Although our refugee claims have been assessed and found to be genuine, we are not permitted to come to Australia.
We in Nauru decided to establish this business in partnership with Australians to show their solidarity with the people of Australia, and to create employment opportunities even for Australian . There are nothing vacancies for IT professionals in Nauru . Through this business the we hope to contribute our IT expertise to Australian society and the Pacific region.
Our website also make an opportunity to make an emotional bridge with Australian for their support to the men, women and children stuck in Nauru. Many of us have already been assessed as genuine refugees, but we continue to be confined to a very small and remote island, lacking the everyday goods and services that Australians take for granted.  

Why Choose Us

  • A creative team that includes experts in design, web development, programming, and SEO
  •  Responsive and flexible with a dedicated Project Manager
  •  Decades of IT project management, systems development and graphic design experience
  •  Experience in creating and promoting a wide range of English and Persian websites
  • CMS experts with numerous sites developed with CMS systems
  • Development to established IT industry standards